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Because what thrills us is in the water, we are OFFSHORE.
After working for multiple schools around the world and in Fuerteventura, we wanted to create a school with a pedagogy that satisfies the level of our passion for teaching you watersports. Therefore, we came up with focusing on the quality of our classes instead of the number of clients to ensure the best progression in the safest conditions. We want to cheer with our clients during and after the class !


IKO Certified Kite School in Corralejo Fuerteventura

“ I spent all my childhood summers on the coast. First in the South of France and Corsica where I started windsurfing with my father, also an instructor at his time. Then, I discovered Brittany, “La Torche” and “Pors Carn”. Shaken by the roughness of the ocean there, I’ll always be connected with this place. I was riding there with my bike against the wind to go kiting or surfing on my own.
During my city life, even though I had a desk job, the will of being in the water never left me. Holidays or even driving 5 hours for weekends, I needed to put my wetsuit again in the waves and the wind. Marocco, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Spain, Portugal, Colombia. A common theme, surfing and kiting to meet new people, discover new places. When I had the opportunity to quit my job, I immediately qualified as an instructor. At first, I wanted to travel the world but most importantly I really discovered a passion for teaching. I’m always looking for a new goal for my students and so enthusiastic about sharing a glimpse of our lifestyle.”

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