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  • Is it hard to learn kitesurfing ?
    Kitesurfing is maybe THE easiest riding sport. We'll bring you all the tips and knowledge during the beachflies so you can manage to stand up on your board during the first boat session. Most of our students does !
  • Do I need to be fit for kitesurfing ?
    Kitesurfing doesn't require a lot of strength. As a matter of fact, your instructor will adapt the equipment to your profile to make your progression smoother ! Nevertheless decent amount of fitness is preferable for boat sessions.
  • How do I book my classes ?
    To book your classes you can : - Fill in the booking form - Contact us by phone + 34 608 527 579 - Contact us by Whatsapp We'll get back to you as soon as possible with an offer. Once you accept our offer, a payment link we'll be sent so you can pay the deposit. We will confirm you the reception of the payment and your booking in the same time !
  • How and when do I pay ?
    As soon as you accepted the offer that we send to you by email, you will be sent a link to pay the deposit online. You can also pay the deposit by transfer. Once the deposit is received, we will send you a confirmation for your booking. On your arrival, we will ask you to meet us before your lessons starts so that you can pay the balance.
  • Can I pass to the store ? Can we meet ?
    Of course, we can meet on demand ! For the moment the store is not open apart when we need it to pick the equipment. You can call or message to arrange a meeting : Call us : + 34 608 527 579 Whatsapp us !
  • Is it better to book online or to book once I arrived ?
    It is really preferable to book online and in advance. This way will be able to insure you a place in our lessons schedule !
  • What languages do we speak ?
    We speak English, French and Spanish
  • Do you use leashes for boards ?
    We absolutely don't use leashes for boards and for multiple reasons : - It's slowing down your progression as autonomous rider since you need to know how to bodydrag upwind to recover your board when you'll by your own equipment - It's dangerous for you. When you fall the board with a leash can come back to you very fast and hurt you. We will emphasize on bodydragging upwind will give you all the keys so that you can recovery your board fast and on your own.
  • Is your equipment recent ?
    Yes all of our kite equipment has less than 6 month. Proudly supplied by Eleveight, we renew our quiver all the time. Boards, kites, bars, wetsuits, helmets, safety jacket, harnesses will be in the best shape ! Furthermore, our boat is a brand new Bombard Explorer (Heavy Duty) 600 powered by a 150 horse-power Mercury engine. Our van is also a brand new Ducato Fiat 9 seats.
  • The kite session are private or in group ?
    The lessons are group lessons. The sessions on the beach are with 2 students and 1 instructor. We will set up only 1 kite for 2 students to be all the time with you. You will learn from each other mistakes and good practice ! The sessions on the boat are with 4 students, 2 instructor and 1 captain. We will put a maximum of 3 kites flying in the same time to ensure the safety of each one of you and to drive from a student to another the fastest possible.
  • Do I need to check my level ? Why ?
    You NEED a level check if : You did kite lessons more then 3 months ago. Your IKO level is lower than 3K You DON'T need a level check if : You did a Kite Discovery course or higher with OFFSHORE Kite School. I have IKO level 3K or more A level check is mainly important to assess with your kitesurfing knowledge, you will be able to enjoy your boat sessions. It's always a good think to double check your basics before you go back in the water !
  • What do I need for Kite session on the beach ? On the boat ?
    On the beach, here are the basics : - Solar protection with high UV indice - Sunglasses - Water Extra layer in case of cold and rain. We usually go bar foot on the beach. On the boat, due to limited space we want to stick with the minimum : - Solar protection (ideally surf stick, because the regular solar cream disappear with water contact) - Sunglasses are a option but you should wear them with a sport retainer otherwise you might loose them - Water - Flip Flops to walk to the boat or any type of shoes that can be wet. You don't need your phone and there's a risk of water splash. We don't take the responsibility for the damage of your electronic devices.
  • What is the duration of the lessons ?
    Beach fly for beginners : - 1,5 hour per students ( 2 students) - 3 hours in total on the beach - 4 hours more or less in total with the car shuttle Level check : - 1 hour per students - 2 hours to 2,5 hours in total on the beach if 2 students - 3,5 hours more or less in total with the car shuttle Boat Session : - 1,5 hours per student in the water - 2 to 3 hours on the boat in total - 4 hours from start to finish
  • How is a beach session working ?
    We meet you and choose the equipment. We drive either to Flag Beach or Cotillo. We will stay on the beach for those sessions and won't go in the water. We start the lesson with the 2 students. We set up the kite. We change the kite from a student to the other on each exercise so that the class if more dynamic. We fold the kite. We drive back to the school.
  • How is a boat session going ?
    We meet and choose the equipment. We do a security briefing and a personal briefing for each on of you. We carry the equipment and go walking to the boat. We start the classes by launching one kite at a time. You join us in the water, we'll show you then the exercices and pass you the kite over so that we check you got it and so you can practice on your own. We will stick to a limited number of kite in the air so that we can ensure your safety. Thus, we we'll do rotations with the students and the kites so that you can also rest a bit. Once the session is finished we'll pack the kite and get back to the harbor. At the school we will do a debriefing and set up next goals !
  • What about sea sickness ?
    If you ever felt sea-sickness or think you might be sensible to it, don't hesitate to pass by the pharmacy before the session. They will give you a pill that by experience is quite effective against sea sickness. It might save your session. Please note that we are NOT refunding sessions because of sea-sickness.
  • What are the good addresses in Corralejo ?
    Fogalera : Amazing Italian restaurant on the sea-side Me gustas tu : Young Polish restaurant Gilda : Best Spanish tapas in town Los Monos Sabios : Amazing Cocktails in the pedestrian street Babel : Great beers and drink Malverde : Super Mexican Food next to nice bars Sunset lodge : Cocktail and live music feet in the sand The Roof Chill Out : Nice Sunset Rooftop with electronic music on Thursdays and Sundays
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